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  1. Mold Products
  2. Mold Development Process
  3. Mold Development Process

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1. Mold Development Process

Product SE Phase -- Process Design -- Structural Design (3D solid design) -- NC Programming -- Product Processing



2. Product assembly + design change

To determine the design change program mainly according to the product assembly.



3. Analysis and comparison of springback

- Analyze the stamping formability of automobile stamping parts, determine the difficulties and key areas of stamping forming, and then realize the interaction between stamping process and auto parts design;

- Calculation of blank for stamping parts;

- Simulation analysis of mold and process plan validation selectively and specifically. Provide quantitative analysis and judgment data for mold debugging.

- To optimize and simulated  the mold process scheme repeatedly. The feasibility and reliability of the die CAE technology are quantified and analyzed, and the optimization and improvement scheme is put forward for the lack of design. To quantify and analyze the feasibility and reliability by mold CAE technology, and put forward the optimization and improvement scheme for the lack of design.



4. CASE Analysis



5. 3D Mold and Design

Use UG software to design products can fully improve the efficiency of the design process, reduce the cost, and shorten the time to enter into market.



6. DL process diagram of 3D Mold

DL diagram is the mold component diagram, the main contents include the part number, part name, material, material thickness, production line arrangement, and other basic information. The requirements of the DL diagram are very high. Besides the normal construction size, angle and detailed process flow, the top bar distribution diagram, the waste discharge schematic diagram, the waste blade edge into the state chart and so on are also included. The factory can adjust the production line through the steps of the DL diagram.



7. Mold Programming