Low Speed Electric Mini Saloon Car BJ013E

  1. Low Speed EV Car
  2. 50 km/h Electric Mini Saloon Car
  3. RHD/LHD available
  4. local assembly with KD kits available
  5. 50 km/h Electric Mini Saloon Car

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Low Speed Electric Mini Saloon Car BJ013E


Basic   Parameters
Dimension (length * Width * Height) 3520*1570*1490mm
Wheelbase  2345mm
Wheel Track (front/rear) 1330mm(F)   / 1310mm(R)
Curb Mass 1060KG
Min. Ground Clearance 120mm
Top Speed (km/h) 50
Approach / Departure Angle 30/42
Min. Turning Radius ≤5m
Max. Gradeability (%) 20
Economic Speed (km/h) 40
Doors 5
Rated number of passengers 4
Comprehensive Power Consumption (kwh/100km) 8-9
Driven Mileage under comprehensive conditions at economic speed   without opening A/C 160-210km
Motor Type AC   (alternating current) Asynchronous 5KW 60V
Battery Specification 6V200Ah   * 10pcs Free-Maintenance Lead-acid Gel Battery
Charger Specification 60V30A
Drive Type Front   Engine, Front Drive (FF)
Tire Specification 155/65R1377S



- Optional configurations of Safety System, Exterior and Interior, Comfort and Convenience Devices, Entertainment & Display System are available.

- RHD/LHD available

- If you have any interest in our project setting up the joint venture electric cars assembly line and factory, please check our project introduction and contact with us. 

Welcome to join us, and let's work together to take you forward.


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