Diesel Smoke Meter
Diesel Smoke Meter
Diesel Smoke Meter
Diesel Smoke Meter

Diesel Smoke Meter

Model: MQY-201

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Automatic measure the concentration of HC,CO,CO2,O2 and NOx.

NDIR gas sensor,HORIBA bench from Japan,OIML class 1 accuracy.

LCD display

Automatic zero resetting

Automatic calculation and display of Air-Fuel Ratio

Equipped with RPM and oil temperature measure interface.

With functions of License Plate Number Input and time display

500 sets of data storage and intelligent review

RS232 interface,easy operation, accurate measurement and reliable performance

Small,light and portable to carry with.

Optional micro printer and RPM meter.

Ideal for idle & two-speed idle emission test.

Technical  Data
ITEM Method Resolution Measurerment  Range Absolute Accuracy Relative Accuracy
HC NDR 1ppm 0-5000ppm +/-12ppm +/-5%
5001-9999ppm   +/-10%
CO NDR 0.01% 0.00-10% +/-0.06% +/-5%
10.01-16.00%   +/-10%
CO2 NDR 0.1% 0.0-18.0% +/-0.5% +/-5%
NO(5 gas analyzer) EC 1ppm 0-4000ppm +/-25ppm +/-4%
4001-5000ppm   +/-8%
O2 EC 0.02% 0.0-25.0% +/-0.1% +/-5%
Response time: less than 10s(HC,CO,CO2),less than 12s(O2),less than 15s(NO)
Warm-up time: less than 15min(1 min warm up for urgent measurement)
Power Supply AC220V +/-10% 50Hz  +/-1Hz,150W
Net Weight 8.5kg
Dimension(W*H*D) 46*23*24
Package Dimension Carton:59.5*31*34.5cm