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CHINA BIG S & T DEV (GROUP) CO., LIMITED, a professional China auto research & development manufacturer, has more than 10 years' experience of overseas market development & investment throughout the world. Our auto products include Saloon Car, Buses, Van, Pickup, SUV, Truck series, Electric car, Mini Moke car, etc. In response to our Chinese government's oversea policy of "One Belt and One Road", we have been focusing on searching for more overseas partners for cooperation, based on the business model of building the chain auto assembly plants in developing countries around the world. Our cooperation modes include: joint venture, turnkey project, technology service, trade agent, etc.




After the development of "Reform and Opening" for nearly forty years, China has already established a complete auto industry supporting system. In 2016, both automobile production and sales volume in China have exceeded 28 million units (much more than the total volume of the United States and Japan), making it the No. 1 automotive manufacturing country in the world for 8 consecutive years. Under this situation, a group of Chinese automobile factories have joined together to build an overseas auto project investment group, with the goal of helping Chinese automobiles enter overseas markets by establishing the business model of “chain auto assembly plant". Our main shareholders are the Chinese largest factories, including: LIFAN AUTO, FODAY AUTO, JINBEI AUTO, EUROLAND AUTO, ZHONGZHI AUTO, etc. The overseas development model of “capital + manufacturing technology” has very strong competitiveness in expanding the overseas market. So far, our group have built 6 more chain auto assembly plants overseas, respectively located in Syria, Ghana, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, Algeria, and Pakistan. Moreover, a number of new factories in Brazil, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and other countries are under planning of construction.

We are not only manufacturer, but more an overseas investor. Under the promotion of Chinese government’s "the Belt and Road" and China Enterprises "Go Global" strategy, we have been devoted into exploring a win-win joint venture cooperation mode to set up chain auto assembly factories abroad. The investment of our group mainly includes key equipment, full set of technology, and credit support of part working capital. We will provide a full set of customized plans and solutions for the establishment of the chain auto assembly plant project, including: business plan, layout design of production line, factory construction scheme, management system establishment of manufacturing and quality control, technology support, marketing and after-sales proposal and guidance, parts localization plan, etc. Our goal is, through the flexible and diversified ways of cooperation, such as joint venture cooperation, to help our overseas partners to realize the industrialization of their local countries, and meanwhile to establish our own global chain operation system of overseas automotive manufacturing, and finally to achieve a win-win situation between China and local partners.


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