Located in Accra, Ghana, KTK AUTO was founded in 2012 by KOSA group (Ghana) and BIG S&T group (China) to bring innovative auto technology to Ghana.

KTK AUTO mainly produces SUV and PICKUP currently to best suit the local market, with the expectation to expand to sedan and bus in the near future. We aim to provide affordable vehicles to all the Ghanaian who are looking for premium vehicles to improve life experience. We have also got massive orders from government agencies and other local organizations.

Over the area of more than 20,000 square meters, we have built three modern production lines, which are capable of producing more 200 cars each month, to best guarantee the quality of each and every vehicle made by KTK.

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AWAD and BITMOUNI Co.----Syria

Established in 2009, Syria factory assembled pickup trucks, suvs, 7 meter buses with 150 units monthly production. The plant had a full set of production equipment including welding, painting, assembly line, testing lines. The assembled vehicle went the Syria Vehicle Fair and won reputation in local. The assembling plant created jobs and developed Syria economy. Once Ministry of Communications visits the plant. Due to the civil war production in early 2012, it is stopping operating now.



The East-Africa KD Assembly Plant



The North-Africa KD Assembly Plant



The West-Africa Bus Assembly Plant



The South-Asia KD Assembly Plant