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Auto Parts Welding Jigs

Auto Parts Welding Jigs and Fixtures vehicle manufacturer

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Welding jigs and fixtures are one of the more critical equipment to assemble CKD/SKD vehicle bodies. Their precision and reliability are involved in the safety of all the vehicles that come out of them. So if you are in the automotive business, you will want to find the best possible welding jigs and fixtures on the market. That’s why you should keep reading to find out what we can offer.

Being in the automotive business for almost a decade, BIG group focuses on bringing China automotive technology to all over the world. We are involved in design of production lines, equipment supply and vehicle manufacture among other businesses. We have decades of experience of providing what will satisfy our customers’ needs as well as local market’s requirements. We also hold favorable investment capacity to form joint ventures with potential investors. Visit our home page to find more.

  1.  Technical data is collected from customer before engineers come up with suitable designs.

  2.  The designs will be handed over to customer to get scrutinized before confirmation is made. Any changes or requirements will be notified back to the engineers before revised designs are sent over to customers again. Final confirmation will then be made.

  3.  Designs will be sent to manufacture department to be implemented.

  4.  Product will then be sent to laser coordinate measuring machine room to get examined and calibrated.

  5.  Product will be firmly packed before shipping to customer