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Auto Assembly Line

Auto Assembly Line

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Auto Assembly Line & Assembly Process (General Assembly):

1. Any machine or device is made up of a variety of parts joined together. According to a certain technical requirements and assembly sequence, a number of parts are joined into parts or a number of parts, components and components, such a process of combining the components into a complete machine is known as the assembly.

  Car assembly is the final part of the entire auto manufacturing process, according to the required accuracy standards and technical requirements, combining tens of millions of various types of the qualified parts after test to be sub-assembly, assembly, and finished vehicle, and after rigorous testing procedures to confirm whether it is qualified throughout the manufacturing process.

  Assembly work refers to the final assembly of supply and demand engineering of the finished product (finished car) for short. The main operation is to make the body, chassis and interior parts assembled together to form a complete car.

2. General Assembly Process:

Body Line ( Interior trim Line 1) - Chassis Assembly - Assembly Line of Interior Trim Line 2 - Movement test - Four Wheel Positioning - Light Detection - Hub Testing (Braking, Vehicle Speed) - Exhaust Analysis Test - 100% Road Test - Rain test - commercial vehicle delivery

100% road test: ABS pavement, concave-convex road, twisted road, S-Road, washboard Road





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