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Auto Painting Line

Auto Painting Line

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Auto Painting Line & Painting Manufacturing Process: 

1. Basic paint coating concepts:

1-1, paint coating: refers to making the paint coating on the object's surface (substrate surface), the process of drying film. Sometimes the paint is spread on the surface of the object, it also becomes a coating, commonly known as "painting", the cured painting film is called coating film (commonly known as paint film) or a coating (the coating generally means a composite layer composed of more than two layers of coating film).

1-2, paint: is a mobile state or powder state substances, can be evenly covered and well attached to the surface of the object to form a solid film. It is a kind of material with protective, decorative or special function. Paint is divided into organic paint and inorganic paint, and the organic paint is the most widely used paint.

1-3, coating:

   A, primer coat: electrophoretic primer, sedans are generally made with cathodic electrophoresis, its main function is anti-corrosion.

   B, middle coating: it is a good supplement to the primer surface, increasing the plumpness of the finish coat, with a certain properties of anti-stone-hitting, weather resistance and UV insulation to protect the electrophoretic paint.

   C, finish coat/basecoat: to meet the users' requirements on the different colors, weather resistance, and UV-proof.

   D, clearcoat /varnish: 

1-4, three elements of paint coating: coating materials, coating technology/ coating process, and coating management

2. Painting manufacturing process:

The purpose of painting is to protect the objects being coated and to decorate the objects to be coated, so as to improve the service life and beautify the appearance of the products. The quality requirement of automotive body coating is the highest, not only to be used in a variety of climatic conditions for a long time without the occurrence of degradation and corrosion of the paint film, but also to maintain its luster, color and appearance. A typical car body paint coating process is a 3C3B (3CoatsBrake) system of electrophoretic primer, middle coating, and finish coat.

Cavity rust-proof wax. A spray coating between the electrophoretic primer and the middle coating where there is the welding joint seal and the protective coating of the floor, to ensure the auto body's seal, noise reducing and rust-proof. The inner cavity rust-proof waxis shall be painted after the finish coat.

 body preparation                            pre-treatment (degreasing, phosphating)

 electrophoresis                               sealant (water, dust, rust-proof)

prime coat, anti-stone-bumping paint      middle coating

 finish coat                                       spraying wax

3. Coating manufacturing process flow chart:

Pre-treatment - Electrophoresis - Electrophoresis drying - Strong cold - Rough sealing - Floor protection - Thin sealing - PVC drying - Strong cold - Electrophoresis polishing - Middle coating manual wipe - Wipe Machine wiping - Manual spray middle coating (cavity) - Coating machine spray middle coating - Drying - Middle coating drying - strong cold of middle coating - middle coating grinding - finish coat wipe - Wipe Machine wiping - Color paint spraying by hand (cavity) - Painting machine spray paint - Checking and paint repair - Flash drying - varnish spraying by hand (cavity) - Painting machine spray varnish - Drying - finish coat baking - strong cold of top coat - Modifying - Spray wax - Check - Assembly

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