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Auto Welding Line

Auto Welding Line

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Auto Welding Line & Welding Manufacturing Process:

1. The automobile body is a structural member made of a thin plate, and the stamped and formed sheet is made by assembling and welding. Body shell (white body), so welding is the key to the body-forming. Welding process is the main part of the body manufacturing process. Car body shell is a complex structural parts, which is made of more than 100 species, or even hundreds of sheet metal stamping parts, and connected and formed by welding, riveting, mechanical bonding and bonding methods. The body stamping parts are mostly made of Low-carbon steel materials with good weldability. Welding is the most widely used method of body manufacturing in the modern auto industry.

2. Basic process:

2-1, body skeleton welding process

Welding engine compartment, rear floor, front floor ---- welding left & right front vertical plate, left & right front threshold, and repair welding ---- welding side wall, roof beam, and repair welding ---- gluing, installing and welding the top cover ---- repair welding ---- adjusting

2-2, door welding process

Outer & inner plate welding ---- gluing, laminating ---- repair welding ---- adjusting

2-3, body assy assembly process adjustment process

Car body skeleton on line ---- Knocking edge and copper brazing ---- PVC gluing ---- grinding edge ---- Planting T-nails, door assembling and adjusting ---- Car body grinding ---- Body inspection and rework ---- Painting

3. The welding joining jigs and fixtures of different models of vehicles can not be shared between one and another, so every new model of vehicle to be added to the assembly plant, one more set of corresponding welding joining jigs and fixtures shall be added, and of course, some other equipment, such as the welding machines can be shared between two welding lines.

Our group will make the customized production line according to our partners' different conditions and requirements.